New Direction

Ukraine Monitoring


In the aftermath of the February 24th escalation of Russia’s war against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, New Direction launched a monitoring programme focused on the collection and reporting of war crimes by the Russian Federation.

The methodology focused on the collection of open-source intelligence, drawn from social media and communications apps, and collated for analysis by legal scholars who used the ‘Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court’ as a basis for classifying each crime. Each case was logged against the relevant article of the Rome Statute.

New Direction continued to support this work by signing and sharing a report produced in May 2022 concluding that the Russian Federation was committing genocide in Ukraine, and again by signing and sharing a report of October 2022 on a structure for sanctions and reparations.

New Direction continues to extend its full support to Ukraine for as long as its existence is threated by the Russian Federation.


Rome Statute