The European Journal
The European Journal

Shafi Ahmed

Future of medicine

Guy Chatfield

All roads lead to Rhône

Mustafa Akyol

Faith in Liberalism

Rana Mitter

Get real about China

Gerald Malone

Bye bye Biden?

William Nattrass

Lithuania versus the world

Tom Tugendhat

Beyond Brexit

Timothy Less

The Balkan Tinderbox

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet

Macron’s threat from the Right

Geoffrey Van Orden

The Ukraine crisis and the West

Katja Hoyer

Germany after Merkel

Javier Ramírez

Natural gas is here to stay

Javier Ramírez

The Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Javier Ramírez

War on nuclear

Geoffrey Van Orden

Gaza Crisis 2021

Malik Amin Aslam Khan

Pakistan’s super year for nature

Danielle Butcher

Beyond Greta

Ruth Edwards MP

Ocean Rescue

Jorge González-Gallarza

European Conservatives at a Crossroads

Saqib Bhatti MP

Environmental Localism

Allan Massie

The Sporting Year

Katie Glass

Train Reaction

Bruce Palling

From Cocaine to Cuisine

Andrew Stuttaford

The last of Trump

Nicholas Boys Smith

Stopping Traffic

Alastair Benn

Past, Present, Paradise

Alastair Benn

Do u get me?

Iain Martin

The Boris Bonanza

Tuomas Malinen

Bank of Bust

Ben Goldsmith

Bring Back Beavers!

Gerald Warner

An Unhappy Union

Maggie Pagano

How to Save Capitalism

Tom Teodorczuk

Pop goes the Agitprop

Walter Ellis

The Trump Divide

Mattias Hessérus

The Future Power of the Press

Julie Burchill

Wake up to Woke!

Mattie Brignal

Chinese New Century

Luke Coppen

Fighting Talk

Nick Jensen

This World is on Fire

Daniel Dalton

Tax and Spend on Robots

Elif Shafak

20 in 20/20