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Episode #11

Dalmacio Negro

The dominance of the new totalitarian bioideologies

The division of the world into two clearly defined blocks, the liberal capitalist and the communist, is a thing of the past. Today, temporal power is increasingly wielded by bio-ideologies, new religions that falsely promise to realise the myth of the new man by making tabula rasa, constructing and deconstructing nature according to the dictates of emotions and feelings. However, there are realities worth preserving, which, no matter how much circumstances change, will remain in man’s being. Nevertheless, the new bio-ideologies seem to be just another excuse to perpetuate the political system that has always prevailed: oligarchy, the rule of the few, under the apparent rule of the people. We talk about all this and much more with the philosopher Dalmacio Negro Pavón in a new interview we conducted for New Direction from Revista Centinela.