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[Re]Discovering Conservatism
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Episode #10

Gregorio Luri

The battle of the Classics in schools and universities

Although conservatism still enjoys a certain amount of bad press, we cannot fool ourselves: even the most progressive person has a deep-seated desire to preserve something. It’s just a matter of finding out what. So, we conservatives are in good shape. Not so much as the Classics, reviled in the education system when, in reality, what they have to say to us is much more important than our reading of them. Only from this perspective can we listen to them, because they continually challenge us. And they remind us of our moral duty to be intelligent. Duty? Yes, just as it is to take care of our physical integrity and to prevent, at all costs, our arm from being amputated. It is the same with our intellectual capacity. The philosopher, pedagogue, writer and, above all, reader, and Marisa de Toro talk about all these issues and more for New Direction and Revista Centinela.