How to transmit the Christian legacy today

Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz


The Christian legacy is certainly immense and yet, paradoxically, its transmission seems to have been interrupted in our days. There are several reasons for this: the prevailing emotionalism, a certain shame on the part of Christians themselves for their own sins, or the triumph of the woke ideology, hand in hand with moralistic capitalism, in the West, seem to be some of them. And we are increasingly seeing their consequences: from the contents of the subject of Religion drawn up by the Spanish Episcopal Conference, indistinguishable from the pillars of any human organisation, to the loss of the practice of the sacraments, to a call for dialogue that often leaves out the most traditional Christians. We talk about all these exciting issues with the philosopher Miguel Ángel Quintana Paz in a new interview for New Direction and Revista Centinela.

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