The legacy of the School of Salamanca

Eric Clifford Graff


In this episode of "Rediscovering conservatism" we ask ourselves what is the legacy of the School of Salamanca in the West together with Professor Eric Clifford Graff. With a PhD in Spanish Literature from the University of Virginia, he has taught at the universities of Smith, Illinois, Chicago, William & Mary, among others. He is a specialist in medieval and modern Spanish literature, as well as in literary and political theory. He is also a profound connoisseur of the work of Miguel de Cervantes. The theme proposed for this occasion is the influence that the School of Salamanca has had on the West. This current of legal, political, theological and social thought, born in Castile, influenced the North American process and laid the legal and political foundations of the new social models. It was in Salamanca that the outlines of modern society were forged, and its influence has been, as we shall see in the course of this conversation, far-reaching.

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The legacy of the School of Salamanca

Eric Clifford Graff

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