What next for conservatism?

Prof. Yoram Hazony


Yoram Hazony is best known for reinvigorating the Western right through the National Conservatism series of conferences, premised on the need to restore nationalism at the heart of the conservative movement. The American-Israeli author’s most recent book, Conservatism: A Rediscovery (2022), is a strident call to root out the liberalism that has progressively crept into conservatism since the 1960s, one of whose ill-guided assumptions is the “myth that politics can address itself to the public sphere alone, whilst avoiding influence on our private lives”. When not backed up by conservative deeds, all the world’s talk of conservative values, claims Hazony, is in utter vain. He submits an alternative to that liberalism in the form of the so-called “Anglo-American conservative tradition”, and after surveying the societal havoc wrought by abandoning one for the other, he ends by intimating his journey from Princeton in the 1980s to building an orthodox Jewish household in Jerusalem. The result is a timely masterpiece, one that buttresses an erudite argument with the imprimatur of personal experience. In this interview with Jorge González-Gallarza, Hazony discusses the need to uncouple conservatism from liberalism and a few more topics addressed in the book.

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