The European Journal
[Re]Discovering Conservatism

Episode #03: Prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski MEP

The Future of Europe

Security, demography, energy—and more

Prof. Krasnodebski left a career as a distinguished sociologist at Bonn University to serve in the European Parliament, where he now sits on the working group on the so-called “Conference on the Future of Europe”. He recently urged at a plenary meeting in Strasbourg to “make the EU anew”, which gives you a sense of the looming challenge facing the Union, a choice between digging in on a desperate plan to replace national sovereignty with an opaque supranational bureaucracy and trusting nation-states to cooperate on the basis of mutual interests. Watch Prof. Krasnodebski discuss with Jorge González-Gallarza his views on everything from the future of Europe, defense cooperation, energy security and demographic decline.

Episode #02: Douglas Murray

Insanity of the Woke Left

The Culture Wars that Conservatives can’t Avoid

The deep assumptions in our society about the role of gender, race and identity are slowly shifting underfoot—and conservatives risk being annihilated in the culture if they don’t face up to the threat. In “The Madness of Crowds” (2020)—which he discusses in this interview with Jorge González-Gallarza—Douglas Murray not only traces back the post-Marxist foundations of critical race theory and other woke nonsense. He also picks apart these woke claims for what they are: bigotry disguised as tolerance. Douglas’ book has been Sunday Times book of the year and has featured on that paper’s bestseller list.

Episode #01: Nick Timothy

One-Nation Conservatism

How the Right can Stave off Economic and Cultural Dislocation

The profound sense of economic and cultural dislocation across the lower and middle classes of the West is pushing conservatives to rethink deeply held assumptions about the role of markets in society. Throughout the Cold War and the neoliberal hubris that followed in its wake, their embrace of laissez-faire economics had been almost unthinking—but what kind of policy agenda should replace the old consensus? This is precisely the question that Nick Timothy—former special advisor and Downing Street co-chief of staff to PM Theresa May—grapples with in “Remaking One Nation” (2020), which he discusses in this interview with Jorge González-Gallarza.