The European Journal #2

Build Back Better


New Direction’s opinion journal that gathers the thoughts of world-renowned experts, on the crucial issues facing Europe today.

Welcome to the second issue of The European Journal - the Foundation’s flagship magazine devoted to providing Conservative answers to some of the greatest challenges we face. Policy makers around the world will focus on “Building Back Better” and it is a crucial time to be involved in this debate and to shape the nature of the recovery.

Kickstarting our battered economies and creating jobs after months of rolling lockdowns and social distancing, and with Cop26 taking place later this year, we believe, recovery can be married with the need to invest in clean technologies and natural assets.

Conservatives in particular, with our belief in intergenerational equity and our preference for market-based solutions, will have a critical role to play. That’s why, we invited James Cullimore and Lois Toole to write about the history of Conservative environmentalism. The challenge is too important to leave to the Left and is now time for Conservatives to reclaim their heritage as the original conservationists. We owe it to the next next generation to step up.

In this edition, we have invited the most influential conservative experts and reseachers such as Ted-Christie Miller who discusses how to put nature at the heart of the recovery from Covid 19, whilst, Dr Ben Cladecott writes about how private finance can deliver net zero, and Rachel Wolf writes about the pro-market case for carbon pricing.

Royal United Services Institute’s Michael Stephen’s pens an article about why climate change is the greatest security challenge of our time, and the Managing Director of Iceland about how fragile our agricultural sector is.

Alex Flint writes about why US Republicans are waking up the threat of climate change and Leo Shanahan writes about realising Australia’s renewable energy potential.

It’s not all about politics in the European Journal. We have an essay on the artistic movements that died with the spanish flu, and a travel guide to Odessa, Cilento and Delft. Professor Pogorel discusses, the new global audio-visual landscape, Dr Jo Twist writes about what video gaming and e-sports, while Lord Ashcroft discusses how we can put a stop to the barbaric lion trade.

We have further exciting coverage of art, music, technology, media, economics, sport, travel and lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy reading The European Journal!

- Tomasz Poręba MEP, New Direction President