Young Leaders Academy 2023

The Young Leaders Academy is an initiative launched by Fundación Disenso and the European think tank New Direction with the aim of training future political and social leaders in the Iberosphere countries.

Círculo Maura

The Círculo Maura is an initiative of New Direction and Fundación Disenso to reflect on the great works of Western political thought. A space for dialogue and discussion about the great books that have shaped our civilization throughout history.

European Conservative Students

The ultimate goal of New Direction’s European Conservative Students project is to create a pan-European conservative student movement. This will be done by creating a network between already existing conservative student organizations in European countries...


Episode #23

Great books you must read

Miguel Sanmartín

While screens starkly ravage the imagination of children and adolescents, closing the door to wonder and ingenuity, even today some parents and teachers dare to think for themselves, to notice the barbarism imposed on their children and students and to take action. Going against the tide and following teachers like John Senior, they throw their children into the pages of the classics and, without isolating the little ones from the sensible world, they teach them so many other worlds that the great authors imagined and that are true life lessons. We talked to Miguel Sanmartín, reader, writer and father, about this exciting task.

Episode #20

Poetics from the monastery

Armando Pego

Episode #19

The liberal regime

Paco Santas - Hughes

Past Projects

Ukraine Monitoring

In the aftermath of the February 24th escalation of Russia’s war against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, New Direction launched a monitoring programme focused on the collection and reporting of war crimes by the Russian Federation.

Young Leaders Academy 2022

The relationship between the European Union and Latin America has never been more important – with future prospects for trade growing. It is therefore important to educate the next generation of political leaders about the inner workings of the European Union, and what it means for the development of relations with the Iberosphere.