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9 October 2021

Eurozone - Oportunity or Risk?

Zagreb, Croatia

The Eurozone debate in the European Union has long been a difficult subject, from the financial crisis and bailouts of the late 2000’s, to the ongoing discussions around the raising of own resources through Eurobonds.

Since the Lisbon Treaty in 2009, all EU Member States, with the exception of Denmark, have an obligation to eventually join the Eurozone. Since joining the European Union in 2014, Croatia has been part of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism, which pegs its currency to the Euro.

Almost a decade after joining the EU, Croatian politicians are in open talks about finally taking the country into the Eurozone on the 1st of January 2023. Two questions however remain, is Eurozone membership beneficial for Croatia? Or does membership of the Euro pose a risk to Croatia’s economy.

Please register for the event at: contact@newdirection.online


Sheraton Zagreb Hotel, Ul. kneza Borne 2, 10000, Zagreb


Saturday, 9th October 2021


Opening Speech

  • Tomasz Poreba MEP, President of New Direction 


Opening Speech

  • Marko Milanović Litre MP – President of New Perspective


Panel 1

Eurozone Expansion: Opportunity or Risk?

  • Elmars Kehris – Executive Director Latvian Economists Association
  • Bernd Lucke – Professor of Economics at University of Hamburg
  • Neven Vidaković – Professor of Economics University of Zagreb
  • Pieter Cleppe – Editor in Chief the Brussels Report
  • Moderator: Petar Stefanic, Independent journalist


Coffee break


Panel 2

Inflation: The Next Crisis?

  • Andrej Grubišić – Professor of Finance
  • Domenico Lombardi – Secretary General of Centro Studi Kypseli
  • Vesna Vučemilović MP – Member of Parliament
  • Vedrana Pribičević – Lecturer University of Zagreb
  • Moderator: Petar Stefanic, Independent journalist


Lunch break



Legal aspects of Croatia's entry into the Eurozone

  • Mato Palić – Constitutional Lawyer


Coffee break


Panel 3

EuroBonds: EU Taxation by Other Means

  • Bernd LuckeProfessor of Economics at University of Hamburg
  • Robert Tyler – Senior Policy Advisor, New Direction
  • Neven VidakovićProfessor of Economics University of Zagreb
  • Moderator: Mladen Sirovica, National TV Journalist


Coffee break


Panel 4

Central Banking in the 21st Century

  • Weronika Dumin – President, Instytut Promyka
  • Domenico Lombardi – Secretary General of Centro Studi Kypseli
  • Vesna Vučemilović MPMember of Parliament
  • Moderator: Mladen Sirovica, National TV Journalist


Closing speech

  • Witold de Chevilly – Executive Director, New Direction