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New Direction | The Foundation for European Reform is an international partner of CapX, a new digital service which commissions and aggregates the best news on popular capitalism from around the world.

The poster girl for North Korea’s information revolution

Hyeonseo Lee crossed the Yalu river into China when she was seventeen, beginning her life as a North Korean defector. In a live Q&A, she discusses the terrifying level of control the state inflicts on its citizens. But the sheer pace of global technological progress has made keeping information out of the Hermit Kingdom a Sisyphean task. This is the human story of North Korea: 25 million people who are on the cusp of learning their rights.

Rhodes has already fallen – time to step up to the real challenge, South Africa

Instead of confronting South Africa's many problems, President Zuma and his party are deflecting current agitation at the country's social and economic conditions onto a man who has been dead for 114 years. Rhodes cannot bring the rand back up, or strike trade deals to compensate for the crops which are due to fail this year. The world we live in now has enough problems of its own that need fixing before we try to correct the past.

Grexit, Brexit… could Itexit be next?

The conflict between Italy and the EU runs deeper than the recent skirmish between Matteo Renzi and Jean-Claude Juncker. Some of Italy's grievances, such as frustration with the euro, are shared by other EU states, but it also has many of its own, including the EU's mishandling of the migrant crisis. The bureaucratic, heavily-regulated, clogged European market has done nothing good for Italy. If Brexit succeeds, could Itexit follow?

Cruz and Trump prove you can fool most of the Republicans in Iowa

The extreme conservative Ted Cruz, who believes the US government can only be saved by destroying it, has won Iowa from the clutches of Donald Trump's populism. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton barely scraped a victory over the only Democrat who could make half the Republican field look electable. This support for anti-establishment candidates on both sides of the spectrum shows that something, somewhere, has gone rather badly wrong.

How good could Britain become once it is free again?

In his speech today, David Davis set out what Britain could gain from leaving the EU: the ability to negotiate better trade deals, the £1bn we would save from EU membership, and increased appeal to foreign investors. If the Leave campaign can find ways of popularising these arguments, it can persuade younger, future-orientated voters that a Britain extricated from the high regulation EU model will be a much more prosperous one.


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