New Direction representation at the Raisina Dialogue in Delhi / New Direction
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New Direction representation at the Raisina Dialogue in Delhi

Geoffrey Van Orden MEP and Prof. Michael Clarke represented New Direction at the "Raisina Dialogue" in Delhi 1-3 March 2016 looking at key strategic issues in Asia.

Geoffrey Van Orden MEP and Prof. Michael Clarke represented New Direction at  the "Raisina Dialogue" in Delhi 1-3 March 2016. 

The event was organised by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs and the ORF think-tank, a partner of New Direction. 
Geoffrey and Michael were key platform speakers and panellists, to an audience that included former Prime Ministers, Ministers, senior military officers, diplomats and senior officials from Asia and beyond.

Geoffrey spoke in the first panel of the Conference on the subject of "Whither European Union?" He described the many crises afflicting the EU, often of its own making. At a conference when "Asian connectivity" was being discussed he warned against simplistic notions of trying to replicate the EU's development. He described some of the changes in Britain's relationship with the EU sought by Prime Minister Cameron and the nature of the debate in the UK that will culminate in a referendum on 23 June. 

Both Geoffrey and Michael Clarke spoke in a subsequent panel on "India's Strategic Posture and possibilities for Partnership with Key Liberal Democracies". They explored  future challenges to an India coming to terms with her new-found status as a regional power and potential global economic giant. The US/Indian Joint Strategic Vision for the Asia- Pacific and Indian Ocean Region was significant, and there were other partnership options, not least with Japan and with the UK which will be in a position to deploy a carrier battle group East of Suez by 2020.​


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