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New Direction | The Foundation for European Reform is an international partner of CapX, a digital service which commissions and aggregates the best news on popular capitalism from around the world.

The eye-watering cost of Labour's nationalisation plans

Labour fought last year's election on a manifesto promising sweeping nationalisation, but Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell refused to cost the plans. A conservative estimate of the up-front costs reveals that bringing whole industries into public ownership wouldn't just be a mistake, but an incredibly expensive one.

A step in the wrong direction for human freedom

Progress is not linear. That much is clear from the 2017 Human Freedom Index. Published today, the study finds that freedom is in decline around the world. But, more reassuringly, the results also demonstrate the strong correlation between high levels of economic freedom, democracy and prosperity.

The government can't fix the fake news problem

Theresa May is right to be worried about fake news. But she is wrong to think that it is a problem the government can, or should, solve. The line between regulating fake news and straightforward censorship is hard to draw. And the public treat the government with such distrust that they are unlikely to take its fake news warnings seriously.

Oxfam is entitled to its own opinions. But not its own facts

Every year, Oxfam uses the one-percenter jamboree in Davos as a chance to blame the world's richest for the plight of the poorest. This puts the charity on shaky economic ground. But their claim that most billionaires owe their wealth to inheritance, cronyism or monopolies is based on wild assertion, ludicrous assumptions – and just isn't true.

Macron: a very British Président

Emmanuel Macron has made a strong start as French President, delivering sorely needed economic reforms and looking like the EU's most assured leader. The roots of his success are in a shift towards the 'Anglo-Saxon' model that, as with the English language, many of his predecessors dismissed out of hand.


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