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Triumphant Theresa May is reshaping British politics

Triumphant Theresa May is reshaping British politics

The Conservative victory in Copeland confirms Theresa May's political supremacy. But this is no accident: she has deliberately targeted the kind of voters her predecessor neglected. In the process, she is changing Britain's political playing field. The great divide now is not between Left and Right, protectionist and internationalist, but between communitarians and individualists.

Western aid has enabled South Sudan’s kleptocrats

When South Sudan became the world's youngest nation, there was optimism that the country would move on from violence and civil war. Yet as the UN declares a famine, it is clear, instead, that South Sudan is a failed state - thanks in large part to international aid. The West's billions helped to prop up a rotten government and discourage investment. In the process, we condemned South Sudan to failure.

Is this the most dangerous man in the world?

Peter Navarro is the man who's rewriting America's trade policy. The problem is, he has some very, very bad ideas. Not only is Navarro obsessed with surpluses and deficits, but he and his boss want to be able to rip up and renegotiate any trade deals they don't like, with little to no warning. This is a terrifying prospect, because it strips away the certainty on which exporters and investors depend.

Why Britain needs to share the wealth

Since Brexit, the focus in economic policy has been on foreign trade. Yet there is a larger problem that needs to be solved - namely, the collapse in ownership. Whether it is shares or homes, more of the wealth is being concentrated in fewer hands. The best way to build prosperity, as Margaret Thatcher knew, is to give more people a stake in society. So let's get cracking.  


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