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New Direction | The Foundation for European Reform is an international partner of CapX, a digital service which commissions and aggregates the best news on popular capitalism from around the world.

The radical compassion of Keith Joseph

Sir Keith Joseph, who was born 100 years ago this week, is often seen as a radical who provided the intellectual ammunition for Thatcherism. In an extract from his memoir, Sir Oliver Letwin recalls working with Joseph and argues that his fundamental belief was in a social market which would help the poorest and most disadvantaged.

The City cannot afford to be constrained by the EU's costly rules

The EU's MIFID II directive, which comes into force this month, may have been well-intended, but it has mutated into sprawling, incoherent and absurdly restrictive set of regulations. It's a prime example of why London must look beyond the EU's borders if it is to cement its place as the financial capital of the world after Brexit.

Populism is a package deal

Political authoritarianism and economic populism frequently go hand-in-hand, and are the hallmark of illiberal regimes on both Left and Right. The latter – far from being a harmless sop, or even an occasionally desirable tool – is every bit as dangerous as the former, and will only worsen the problems that drove voters to populism in the first place.

What to expect from Brexit in 2018

Now that the UK and the EU have moved on to the next stage of the Brexit negotiations, both sides are running out of time to explain exactly what sort of future relationship they envision. The EU27 may want to present a united front, but the cracks are already starting to show. How much closer to a deal will we be by the end of the year?

When Sweden went Right - and what the Conservatives can learn

Sweden's centre-Right party Moderaterna triumphed when they did not let the dominant Social Democrats dictate the political agenda, but instead advanced their own radical new ideas and reforming zeal. Similarly, the Conservatives cannot fall into the trap of letting Corbyn set the tone of British political debate.


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