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New Direction | The Foundation for European Reform is an international partner of CapX, a digital service which commissions and aggregates the best news on popular capitalism from around the world.

Time to crack down on Russia Today and its destabilising propaganda

When Russia Today burst onto the scene a decade ago, it won praise for its 'fearlessness'. The mask has long since slipped, revealing the Kremlin-funded broadcaster to be the home to a motley array of cranks and the dangerous agent of a hostile foreign power. Why is it still tolerated in polite society?

More borrowing won't fix the housing crisis

Sajid Javid deserves credit for taking Britain's housing troubles seriously. In his time as Communities and Local Government Secretary, he has suggested cure after cure, only for them to go down like lead balloons. Unfortunately, his latest proposal - to borrow our way to more houses - doesn't get anywhere near the heart of the problem.

The EU cannot afford to punish Britain for Brexit

Hardliners in Brussels want to make an example of the UK for voting to leave the EU. They are driven on by a confidence that a no-deal scenario would hit the UK harder than the rest of Europe. But such an outcome would still be a major economic shock for the EU27. Why do the Eurocrats insist on playing politics with people's livelihoods?

Mutual respect is the only way to heal our divided politics

There is a real problem in Britain today: all too often, the only people taken seriously are those who can express themselves with the intellectual self-confidence that comes from academic study at university. As long as the intellectual elite fail to realise that those who know 'more' don't necessarily know best, our politics will remain broken.

Patents are the least bad solution to the public good problem

A new report argues that because pharmaceutical drugs are a public good, the patent system should be scrapped; big corporations shouldn't be allowed to get rich from something so important. But it is exactly because drugs are a public good that we need patents. Otherwise there'd be no incentive to invest in life-saving medical advances.



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