Latest News From Across The Globe With Partners Cap X / New Direction
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Latest News From Across The Globe With Partners Cap X

New Direction | The Foundation for European Reform is an international partner of CapX, a new digital service which commissions and aggregates the best news on popular capitalism from around the world.

America is relatively safe and tolerant

The recent killings of 49 innocent club goers in Orlando, Florida, have raised, once again, the issues of tolerance and violence in American society. But America has become dramatically safer. Today, you are twice as likely to be struck by lightning in the US than be a victim of a mass shooting. The US is also getting more tolerant: in 2002, only 38% of Americans believed that LGBT relationships were morally acceptable. Now that number is 63%.

Should Sky be a limit? Where creativity and commerce collide

Hello Games ran into trouble when they decided to call their new video game "No Man's Sky". It turns out that broadcasting company Sky plc does in fact "own" the "sky" and routinely challenges anybody who would seek to use "sky" in the name of a product. Hello Games has been fighting a copyright battle for three years, begging the question: when does a corporation step into a space that should rightly be protected for the public?

This Australian Party Has a New Voting Idea That Could Radically Change Politics

The blockchain technology developed for Bitcoin allows users both total anonymity and complete transparency. So could it also be the basis for a new kind of politics? A new party in Australia wants to find out. The Flux party promises to "upgrade democracy" by letting Australian voters use an app to tell elected proxy senators how to vote in parliament. Flux, with the help of blockchain, wants to take return power to the people, directly.


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