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New Direction | The Foundation for European Reform is an international partner of CapX, a new digital service which commissions and aggregates the best news on popular capitalism from around the world.



The new political geography against China

President Obama's lifting of the embargo for sale of offensive weapons to Vietnam, along with the announcement of a Japan-Vietnam military agreement, could signal a new anti-Chinese coalition. Smaller Asia-Pacific countries are increasingly taking their grievances over China's stubbornness about currency exchange rates and the South China Sea to the US. China may have underestimated the complex dynamics occurring in the region.

We spend 99.3 percent of our money on ourselves

Although a poll suggests Britain’s global lead in helping the world’s poor is a source of pride for Brits, aid spending is facing opposition. Parliament is due to debate the budget today after the likes of Ukip’s Nigel Farage have waged war against it. But only 0.7% of the public purse is set aside for international aid. Claiming that its eradication will somehow fix all manner of domestic ills is Scrooge-like and false.

Ugandan President Museveni: 'This Is Our Continent, Not Yours'

Yoweri Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for three decades, in an interview with Spiegel the West's role in fostering African Islamist terror, his opposition to the International Criminal Court and whether he is himself abusing his power.

Thanks to This Startup, Mongolia’s Nomads Can Finally Get Their Mail

Delivering the mail in rural Mongolia is no easy feat, as about 30% of the population is still nomadic. A London-based startup has a solution. What3Words has developed an app that records GPS coordinates to 9-square-metre plots and simplifies them into a three-word combinations to mark a specific location a map. The Mongol Post will use the system to improve access for residents who live in makeshift housing without a designated address.


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