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Established by Margaret Thatcher, Europe’s leading Conservative political think tank & publisher with offices in Brussels, London, Rome and Warsaw.

I am honoured to serve as President of New Direction, the political foundation leading the debate on European reform.

New Direction has firmly anchored itself to be at the heart of the European political debate. Through our high-quality magazines, reports, conferences and events we have analysed and proposed ground-breaking ideas for European reform. We are honoured to have had ministers, politicians, policy advisers, academics, business leaders and the media, participate and contribute to our work. In the coming years we will continue to offer ideas for European reform and promote our message of change rooted in individual freedom and liberty to all Europeans. We will continue to champion the goals of the wider Conservative family and protect the values set out in the Prague and Reykjavik Declaration.

I would like to also pay tribute to New Direction’s Board, with whom the Foundation’s work would not be possible: Amjad Bashir (UK), Rafaele Fitto (Italy), Daniel Hannan (UK), Karol Karski (Poland), Ruža Tomašic (Croatia), Valdemar Tomaševski (Lithuania), Jan Zahradil (Czech Republic), Roberts Zile (Latvia) and Angel Dzhambazki (Bulgaria), and the Foundation’s excellent Executive Director, Naweed Khan.

On behalf of all the New Direction team, thank you for your support and contributions. Our foundation is building the intellectual case for a popular Conservative movement, and we hope you will join us in our ambitious goal.

Yours truly,

Tomasz Poreba MEP







Madrid, Spain

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1 June 2019


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